Dear audience, here is another quality event in 2018. We invite you to the solo concert of one of the most famous bands from this area. We have the honor to host the legendary rock band Riblja Corba on the occasion of marking the 40th anniversary of the band.
This event was scheduled for February 24 in the hall of Kragujevac Park.
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Shumadija FEST

Shumadija FEST is manifestation rich with music and art activities aimed to contribute to the development and presentation of culture and education of young people through a musical event, accompanied by lectures, forums, workshops, where participants share their experiences on pre-selected current topics from all field.
Aim of festival is to bring at 'the heart' of Šumadija district unforgettable event which will take place each year at the same time in order to improve the social life of young people and to gather a large number of domestic and foreign visitors. Program of te festival will promote different kinds of modern music and different spheres of art.