Sumadija FEST History

SUMAdija FEST is a music festival held each year in August in Kragujevac, in addition to musical work program of the festival consists of numerous sporting events, shows, exhibitions, art workshops and humanitarian actions. SUMAdija FEST was founded on the idea that the center of Sumadia organize a cultural music event that will be held every year at the same time, bringing in mostly younger population from other countryes .That is important we leave space for unestablished young bands in addition to performing with big names from the world of music have the opportunity to present themselves in the best way possible audience. In our project involved and volunteers who are given the opportunity to enter into the process of realization of the festival. Marketing, organization, production, team work are just some of the areas that will make the young professionals get to know. Sports of the festival refers to tournaments in football, beach volleyball and basketball 3 on 3, where we want to encourage young people to get more involved in sports. Charity of the festival consists of a variety of humanitarian action practiced with the Red Cross in Kragujevac, which not only help the most vulnerable, but others spread awareness about humanity and contribution to society.
First SUMAdija FEST was held 27.08.2011. They performed "Nikad Spremni" - Uzice, "Dark Sky" - Kosovska Mitrovica, "Boneyard"- Kragujevac "Istok Iza" - Kragujevac, YU GRUPA and SUNSHINE as carriers of the festival ... Dee Jay Sevdah Baby - Belgrade and Dee Jay Flip - Belgrade.
The second two-day SUMAdija FEST was held on 24th and 25 August 2012. They performed "The Bite" - Belgrade, "Stars Inc." - Kragujevac, "Empathy" - Zrenjanin, "Brainwashed" - Kragujevac, "Deadly Mosh" - Kragujevac, "CBS" - Kragujevac, ZABRANJENO PUSENJE and ORTHODOX CELTS as carriers Festival ... "TDI CREW", "Macao band" Dee Jay Muki - Kragujevac and Dee Jay Denis Herman - Niš.
Third ŠUMAdija FEST was held on 23 and 24 August 2013. year. They performed "W.O.P.S." - Bulgaria, "Sharks, Snakes & Planes" - Belgrade, "SARS" - Belgrade, "Mikri & Bvana" - Belgrade, "Who See Klapa" - Montenegro, "Bad Copy" - Belgrade, "Dee Jay Geo Da Silva" - Romania, "The Cockblockers" - Kragujevac, "V - Device" - Italy, "God Damn" - Vranje, "Himera" - Zrenjanjin, "Subjektivni Sud" - Belgrade, "Vrane Kamene" - Belgrade and group Van Gogh and Dee Jay Tom Novy - Germany as carriers of the festival.
The fourth three-day Šumadija Fest , held from 21 to 23 August 2014. On three stages performed : " Riot 87 " - Kragujevac, " Iveza and Elements" - Kragujevac, " Sofa Kru " - Kragujevac, "Sale Liquid & Solid" - Kragujevac, " SickSoul " - Sabac, " Euphorics " - Belgrade , " Armusi " - Vrnjacka Banja, " Caras " - Kragujevac , Dee jay " White" - Kragujevac, " Blix " - Kragujevac, " ethnics " - Kragujevac, " Bo_JAH " - Belgrade , " PRTI BEE GEE ", " skaba and Cloudy ", " TDI CREW ", " Orthodoks CELTS "," PARTIBREJKERS "and" BANG LA DECKS " - Greece, as holders of the festival.
Fifth Šumadija Fest was held in the hall Jezero Kragujevac 9 and 10 October 2015 and have performed Parni Valjak, Riblja Corba, Bad Copy, Dejan Petrović and Big Band, Who See, ZAA, Wrong Decision, Petrovitz Yugoslavia, Lucky, Tommy 69...

The sixth edition of the festival was held at the Sumadija Fair with the guests of the following scouts S.A.R.S., Goblini, Hladno pivo, L.U.R., Tribe, Stroganov, Alek, DJ Kizami, Geo Da Silva, Igor Garnier ...
The seventh edition of the festival was held at the Park on two stages, featuring Marco Bailey, Vinicius Honorio, Dino Psaras, Sle L & S, Metamyc L & S, Aki Species, Trips & Tics, Cez, Blacksmith, Tzanema, Aleksandar Koricanac, Derek West, Silent Shy, Twoe , TKNO, MirMIr, Hunckie b2b Petar Lazović, Bo-YaN, Sale Kovinac, Manton, Eaten Beat, Ur-Go, ZV1, Imhotep, Nemansky, Mark White, Trips & Tics, Cez, Blacksmith, Tzanema, Aleksandar Korićanac, Derek West, Silent Shy, Two-s, Alex Petrov b2b Vexy, Srecko Divic, TDE b2b Frame, Redacs, 2 UFO'S, Stefan Stojovic, Nixy, Steve Lowell, Stefan Kostic, Vietmens,