Serbian New Year - Kristina Lalić - Čaurnica - Kragujevac


After a little longer break, we invite you to start the new season and the New Year 2024 together.
On January 13, we invited Kristina Lalić as a guest, with whom we already had a fantastic event at the same place a couple of years ago.
She was born in Canada but moved to Belgrade and growing up in a musical family, she was surrounded by various musical genres in the early nineties, but she simply fell in love with the electronic genre and started DJing. At the same time, she worked on television and radio as a production manager. She also founded her radio show "Belgrade Clubbing", and what makes her special is that her sets are energetic with a unique style and technique combining Detroit, minimal and groovy techno.
So get ready for some quality kissing. Apart from Kristina, local DJ support TZANEMA / NIKOLA XINY / TECHNOBE'R / ASDM / BOYAN will be checked with whom we will be until dawn.

You can buy climbing tickets in Kragujevac at kaffe Trezor in Glavna Street, and if you are not from Kragujevac, you can order them on our website
The price of tickets in advance is 700 dinars, and 1000 dinars at the entrance.
Start: 21:30

Tickets on sale from December 20