Sumadija fest 2018 - Hall Park Kragujevc - 9. i 10. november


Eight years is behind us, and we started this with full steam, and that's why we continue in a strong rhythm. The singer of the Serbian techno audience, techno icon, DJ and producer Metodi Hristov is the first performer that we present to you as one of the headliners of our this year's edition of the festival.

The first name we present to you for the evening trance on the fest is E-Clip and soon we will announce the entire program for the trance stage ...

Soon after, the announcements of other names will be part of this year's story, whose theme will be in the sign of the cult film Matrix. Our goal is to provide you with a musical journey in a different dimension, because in addition to the top world names this year, you will also be waiting for top production of sound and lighting, which we will notify you later in time.

There is a sale of a limited number of early bird tickets at a price of 690 dinars for a two-day set that runs until May 31 at midnight or until the end of the stocks.

Prices of sets per phase:
And phase 790 by the end of June,
Phase II II 890 by the end of July,
Phase III of 990 by the end of August,
IV phase 1090 by the end of September,
In phase 1190 until the end of October,
VI phase 1290 to the beginning of the festival.

VIP early bird limited edition 1000 dinars until the end of zalliha.
VIP regular 1200 after the expiration of early bird.

You can purchase tickets in all WinWin shops throughout Serbia and at the websites and and in Kragujevac in the cafe Nemam Ve De.